About Me


Hi, y’all!  I’m Jessica.

I’m a 30-something divorced and single mama to three girls ages 12, 8, and 4 ½ months!  Between my divorce and the death of my fiancé when I was 10 weeks pregnant (the week we were supposed to get married), life has not gone exactly the way I had planned.

Simply put, in no way would I ever, ever, ever in a million years have thought that this would be my life. 

Yet, here we are, and here it is.

I’ve shed a lot of tears, but I can honestly say that I love so many things about my life as it stands today.  I have three fantastic kids, and they are spread out so much I can truly appreciate the good things about each age/stage at the same time.  (I’m also pretty sure I’ll always have at least one kid who likes me.  At least, I hope so!)

Plus, being a house-full of girls (yes, our fur-baby included), has its perks!

I’ve learned a lot of hard lessons along the way, but I’m proud of my co-parenting relationship with my older two kids’ dad, and I’m thankful for the bonus family I gained when I met my fiancé. Even with the loss I have experienced, I have also had gains.

Even though I have been called strong so many times, I don’t think there are strong and weak people.  I think it’s all about the perspective we take when the “lemons” of life keep coming at us.

So, join me as we all discover together how to take those sour lemons, and turn them into something sweeter than anything we’ve had before.

We’re gonna make a big batch of lemonade, and then we’re going to learn to Rock that Lemonade together.